Safetech Fraud & Security Solutions

Now more than ever protecting revenue is vital to your business. The increase in fraudulent payment activity and the security of customer account information have been identified as two of the most critical issues facing merchants today.

Safeguard Your Business with Our Advanced Protection Tools

Chase Paymentech offers a comprehensive suite of fraud prevention and data encryption technologies to streamline your payments management with a single-source solution for all your processing, fraud prevention and data security needs.

Safetech Fraud Tools

Our advanced, proven fraud-fighting technologies provide real-time analysis to help stop fraud rings in their tracks. Having your fraud management through a single-source provider gives you all the benefits of a solution that’s fully integrated with your existing authorization processes. Learn more about how Safetech Fraud Management Tools can protect your business.

Safetech Encryption

Safetech Encryption rivals other encryption technologies on the market today by encrypting data as it enters the POS, rather than encrypting it later in the payment application. This proactive approach delivers more solid data security that can help merchants reduce the scope of their Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance liabilities and avoid the costs of data theft. Learn more about how Safetech Encryption can safeguard your cardholder data.

Safetech Page Encryption

Safetech Page Encryption is an online data protection solution that reduces the risk of customer data compromise and costly PCI expense. The system utilizes tokenization and encryption technology to protect your customer’s data in transit and at rest. Learn more about how Safetech Page Encryption can safeguard your cardholder data.

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