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Frequently Asked Questions

Get started

Get Started with a Card Reader

The mobile card reader can only be used with the Chase Mobile app on a mobile device. It is not available for accepting payments through your account on chase.com.

Getting Paid 

View Payment Activity

Manage Disputes

A dispute happens when a customer formally reports that a charge on their card was not legitimate. When a customer disputes a charge, the customer’s payment is reversed while the case is being reviewed. Disputes are initiated by the customer via the bank that issued the card. Your customer may have filed a dispute because they:

  • Did not receive a product or service
  • Do not recognize the charge or payee on their statement
  • Believe the product or service was defective, damaged, or not as it was described
  • Were a victim of fraud – their credit or debit card was stolen or used without their consent
  • Were charged twice

You will be notified when a dispute claim has been made and we don’t have the documentation needed to challenge. You have a limited time to submit proof that the charge was legitimate. Because of the time sensitivity, it is best to monitor your account online frequently. Most card networks allow customers to dispute payments for up to 120 days after the transaction took place, in some cases up to 540 days. American Express® allows customers to dispute payments at any time.

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