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Chase All-in-One Card Reader

Accept payments in person at your counter or as you move about your store with our all-in- one card reader solutions.

Process chip cards, contactless cards, PIN debit cards and select mobile wallets like Apple Pay®. Supports retail and restaurants-terminals include tip adjustment and reporting. High-speed communication with dial backup, easy-to-read color screen and integrated printer, and extended battery life.

Countertop All-in-One Card Reader


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Wireless All-in-One Card Reader


Move 5000

Setting Up and Pairing a Card Reader

Download a printable Set Up Guide here.

1. Unpack your card reader and accessories

Important: Your card reader must be powered off during setup to avoid issues.

2. Connect PIN Pad (if applicable)

Note: Your card reader arrives with the power and internet cables already connected. Reference these instructions if you need to disconnect/reconnect the cables (image A).

Power — Connect the power cord

from power adapter to the power port

on the Magic Box (lightning bolt symbol).

Ethernet — Connect the Ethernet cable

from the switch or other internet access

point to the ETH port on the magic box.

3. If using a PIN Pad accessory

Open the cable cover. On the bottom of the reader, unclip the cover by pushing on the clip with your finger. Then lift the cover up and to the rear of the terminal.

Connect the USB PIN Pad (image B) cable to the USB Host Port on the card reader (image C).

With the power disconnected, make space for the additional PIN Pad cable by using scissors to remove one of the rubber caps from the Desk/5000 (image D).

Reattach the cable cover. When both readers are set up, reconnect the power to the device.

4. Secure the Magic Box

The Magic Box cable management system arrives connected to your terminal.

Secure the Magic Box to reduce stress on the device and cable, prevent disconnection and organize the work area.

Image E shows some examples of how to secure the Magic Box.

5. Connect the power adapter to nearby outlet

The PIN Pad should be powered up and displaying the idle screen.

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Download a printable Set Up Guide here.

Follow these steps to set up your card reader and get started.

Charge the Reader

  • Unpack the reader, charger and base or accessories.
  • Make sure the reader is powered OFF.
  • Connect wall/power charger to the card reader directly [A] or to a base [B], [C].
  • Charge for 16 hours.
Move 5000

Using a Chase All-in-One Card Reader

Download a printable User Guide here.

Need assistance with common card reader functions? Select from the below topics to open step-by-step instructions.


Quick how-to’s and help using a card reader are listed below by topic. Simply click the topic for more details or instructions.

Did you know you can get all of this same help content right from your card reader? To view how-to instructions on your card reader’s screen, simply press the gray Admin key . Press anywhere on the screen and swipe finger from right to left. The Self-Help icon will display. Press the icon to begin in-reader support.

Additional Help and Tools

For information and access to managing your account, visit Managing Your Account.

For information about how to prevent, manage or challenge disputes and chargebacks, visit Protect Your Business.

Seeing an error message on your card reader? You can troubleshoot it with a simple search using our Error Message Help.

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