Paymentech Online

Access Critical Information Quickly and Easily.

Paymentech Online provides web-based access to the information your business needs. In one single solution, you get quick access to your transaction data, advanced web-based reporting, an online chargeback management interface and optional fraud management tools. Use the data within Paymentech Online to manage your bottom line and make more informed decisions about your payments processing now and in the future.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Access comprehensive reporting – Reconcile your payment operations using daily, weekly or monthly financial reports.
  • Increase efficiency – Save time by managing your chargebacks online instead of through the mail and answer customer service inquiries with 24/7 access to comprehensive transaction data.
  • Reduce expenses – Using data accessed via Paymentech Online, identify and reduce unnecessary costs resulting from processing errors, downgrades and chargebacks; and address outstanding retrievals before they turn into costly chargebacks.
  • Enhance security – Control the level of access your employees have to critical customer and business-related information and use customized fraud filters to help you manage your risk.


Transaction History is Just a Click Away

With Paymentech Online, you have constant access to your financial and transaction data, and up to 6 months of historical information available at any time. Our advanced transaction history search capabilities help you quickly obtain the detailed information you need to manage your business.

View payment method details, retrievals, chargebacks and eCheck returns in just a few clicks. There are also multiple options for accessing and using your financial detail – you can view, print or download information relevant to your search.

Many Chase merchants use Paymentech Online to retrieve data quickly when a customer calls – saving time and delivering better service.

Customize Your Processing to Minimize Fraud

Chase's proprietary Fraud Filters enable you to screen high-risk transactions based on specific account numbers or issuing countries. A simple, web-based interface provides control over your specific negative database.

Manage Your Chargebacks Through a Simple Online Interface

Reduce inefficient paper processes while addressing your chargebacks quickly with Chase's Online Chargeback Management tool. This module enables you to capture, store and exchange chargeback documents electronically. With robust case management features, you can increase efficiency, decrease the timeframe for dispute resolution and reduce mailing costs.

Access Critical Information Quickly and Easily

You can find direct contact numbers for card issuing banks, updated regularly by MasterCard® and Visa®. This is useful when you suspect fraud, need to verify address information or wish to confirm that a card has not been stolen.

Additionally, all standard Chase documentation – online tutorials, training manuals, technical specifications, merchant forms and BIN files – are available for online viewing, printing and downloading.

To discuss your reporting options, contact sales by calling 1.800.708.3740