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What Can You Expect When You Get a Dispute?

The dispute process involves many players: the cardholder, the bank that issued the card, the payment brand (for example, Visa ® or MasterCard ®), the acquirer/processor (such as Merchant Services) and you, the business.


STEP 1:  When a customer disputes a charge made on their card, the bank that issued the card credits the cardholder and the payment brand credits the issuing bank. The disputed amount is temporarily deducted from your merchant account while the claim is being reviewed.

The Chase difference: Our staff of experts are here for you during the process. We also provide you with the tools and knowledge to avoid and manage disputes. Our team is available to help you challenge and win disputes.

STEP 2: Dispute documentation is generated

You’ll be notified when a formal dispute claim has been made and we don’t have the documentation needed to challenge. You have a limited time to submit proof that the charge was legitimate. Because of the time sensitivity, it’s best to monitor your account online frequently and sign up for alerts.

If you're not receiving the appropriate forms, you should verify your mailing address or fax number associated with your Merchant account to ensure we have up-to-date and accurate contact information. The easiest way to do this is to sign in at chase.com/business.

STEP 3: If you submit proper documentation and successfully challenge the dispute in the necessary timeframe, the disputed funds will be returned to you.