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Ways to Prevent Disputes: Process and Training

Disputes can cost time and money, but many can be prevented with comprehensive employee training. Here are some tips:


  • Each transaction requires a unique authorization code, do not use the same code for multiple transactions.
  • Always obtain an authorization for the exact amount of the transaction processed to the card.
  • If the authorization is declined, do not try to split or lower the amount of the transaction, ask for another form of payment.


  • Never alter a sales receipt.
  • Avoid manually keying in card numbers if you have a chip or swipe card reader.
  • Always process a chip card using a POS card reader capable of reading, communicating and processing transaction data from the card.
  • If the sale is being conducted in-person, make sure your return policy is pre-printed on the credit or debit card sales receipt and signed by the cardholder at the time of the original sale.* The refund policy must be close to the cardholder's signature to be recognized by the payment brands.
              * Signature may not be required for PIN Debit
  • If the card is present at the time of sale, always compare the cardholder's signature to the signature on the back of the card. If the signature panel is blank, then ask the cardholder to sign it. If the cardholder refuses, then you should request another form of payment.**
             **Signature may not be required for PIN Debit
  • If the card is present at the time of sale, be sure to compare the credit or debit card account number on an electronically printed draft to the credit or debit card number embossed on the card. If the numbers don't match, call your Automated Voice Authorization Center and tell the operator that you have a "Code 10" authorization and that the card numbers do not match.
  • For ecommerce sites, it's recommended that all transactions be reviewed for address verification results and that CID be required.


  • Always process a refund back to the original credit card or debit card number.***
  • Do not refund a credit card sale or debit card sale by check or cash. ***
  • If credit is due on more than one sale, process each credit individually to the original credit card or debit card number.***

                  ***Dependent on merchant set-up for Debit Card