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Statements and Reports

Your Payment Processing Account Data is Available Online

Depending on your business’s needs, you’ll be set up for either Resource Online or Paymentech Online, our proprietary reporting tools that offer 24/7 access to your payment processing information. Plus, you can also access some or all of your account detail on a supported mobile device with Chase Mobile Checkout, our payment processing and reporting app for smartphones and tablets.

If your account is set up to receive statements, you’ll be able to find them in Resource Online. View, save or print your statements anywhere, anytime.

There are many other reasons why online statements make sense:

  • Online statements are available faster and more predictably than postal mail.
  • You can archive and print your monthly statements quickly and easily.
  • By eliminating paper, you enhance your account security.
  • Your choice helps the environment.

Need Training?

Once you sign up for online reporting through Resource Online or Paymentech Online, you can access free, interactive training webinars as well as other helpful resources that will show you how to best use our reporting tools to impact your bottom line.

Keep An Eye On Your Sales. Anytime. Anywhere.

With the Mobile Dashboard, you don’t need to be at your business to stay on top of it all. Now you can access daily payment card transactions, settlement and funding overviews, sales trends and more – all on your tablet. See charts and graphs at a glance, and tap to get a deeper look at specific transactions or fee groups.

It’s everything you need to do the unthinkable:
walk out the front door of your business.

To sign up for online reporting, call 800.934.7717.

How to Read Your Statement

We know that if a statement is difficult to read, it’s difficult to use. Our statements are in a user-friendly format with easy-to-read sections. They include simple reconciliation, with a breakdown of fees and a summary of transaction qualification.

To make reading your statement even easier, we’ve identified the most commonly asked questions and answered them for you on our interactive sample statement.

We’ve also put together a brief How to Read Your Statement Guide you can use as you get familiar with the different sections of your statement.

If you’re curious about some of the fees you may see on your statement, we have a list of common fees charged by the payment brands.

If you have accessibility issues with the attached documents and require further assistance, please contact the Help Desk @ 1-800-934-7717 for further support.