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Are you managing two payment processors and how do you know if it’s valuable to your business? Here are things to consider to help guide you to what is best for your business and situation.

Refunds can be tricky

With more than one processor, when someone asks for a refund, you’ll have to know where the original transaction was processed.

Compliance and security

Ensure both processors maintain current compliance with the Payment Networks. In some cases this can impacts rates.


Can your preferred processor quickly scale to support your spikes in payment volume or seasonality?


Businesses may keep two processors for redundancy just in case one provider’s systems go down or experience a disaster. Ask your processor to provide platform performance and downtime.

  • Are you missing out on volume pricing discounts? Make sure you’re getting any benefits available when all your payment channels are combined.
  • Reconciliation and reporting one account versus multiple can be tricky and cumbersome. Multiple deposits into your bank account, multiple opportunities for mistakes.
  • Entitlements for your employees when  managing multiple vendors means duplicating the work to manage your employee access.  As employees come and go you need to stay on top of deleting and adding user accounts for each account.


#1 Gateway1

Awarded ‘Best of Breed’2


Developer tools

Certification process

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Customer service

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1.Based on Strawhecker 2020 reporting
2.Based on Strawhecker 2020 reporting
3.Based on the 2019 Greenwich Excellence Awards