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Quick tips for creating a good shopping experience that also
helps conversion rates and increase returns. 

Be where your customers’ search most

There are many ways to market your business. Make sure your business appears on the most popular directories or customer engagement drivers like listing services. One example of these is Google My BusinessTM business listing service1.

Less is more

Ever heard that less is more? It applies to your online store, too. If visitors are overwhelmed with too many options or product types they may abandon your site. Keep the first impression clean and concise. Focus on your most popular offerings up front, with the ability to see more by browsing your site


Make your “Do This” button or link the focus of your home page. 

(ex: Buy Now, Join, Yes! I want that, etc.)

It should be visible for all types of browsers and devices at first glance, and eye-catching to your target customer. Eliminate scrolling required to see the most important content or images you want your shoppers to notice. Because how people perceive websites differs tremendously, test multiple ways of getting shopper attention to take the next step you want for converting shopper to a sale.


Allow shoppers to fast-track to payment

When a shopper is ready to purchase, let them. Don’t create one path to checkout that requires extra clicks. You just might distract them with another product and risk completion of the original purchase.

Display card payment options

Telling shoppers you accept all card payment types before they get to checkout may give them confidence in making a purchase.

Create a Q & A or resource page

Include common or anticipated questions about your products or services. Include things like sizes or other specifications, weights, availability, refund policy, exchange policy, delivery information to name a few.

Make customers feel secure and confident at checkout

Display all security measures you take to protect purchases.

1. Google My BusinessTM  business listing service.is a trademark of Google LLC