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Offering multiple payment types, such as in-person via card reader and online, ecommerce payment options, means you have opportunities to maximize every dollar received, every hour worked and every dollar invested in your payment solutions. But one payment processor should be able to serve all your payment types and needs.

Even in the most complex cases, there are a few payment processors that specialize in serving all facets of the payments ecosystem.

What does it take to maintain two providers?

  • Managing multiple providers, contracts and relationships takes time and money. From negotiating individual contracts with each vendor to the ongoing demands a contractual relationship requires, if considering multiple processing providers, build more time or employees into your business plan.
  • Documented policies and procedures are needed for how you determine what transaction types are sent to each processor.
  • Rules may need to be created in your Point Of Sale (POS) for directing traffic. In some cases a technical developer is required to code the rules for your point-of-sale solution.
  • Employees must be trained on how to manage the load balance strategy, including basic concepts like, ‘how to know which platform or POS is the right one to use for a refund’.
  • Monitoring and reporting of transaction volume should be consistent, apples-to-apples, for each processor to make reconciliation and issue resolution easier. Not all processors offer the same reporting features. This is important for tax and audit purposes, too.

There are payment processors that serve the full ecosystem, from businesses with one location or website or card reader, to the largest companies in the world that operate across borders, currencies and regulations, like Chase.

Here are a few examples of our commitment to our clients’ success. Now is a great time to assess all your payment channels to see if you can benefit by combining processing accounts. Can we set up time to discuss your options? 


  1. Strength and Experience – A global pandemic stressed the payments world possibly greater than other aspects of the financial system. Chase emerges as the World’s Best Bank 2020: J.P.Morgan proves to be a fortress in a storm according to EUROMONEY, SEPTEMBER 2020
  2. Investment in you – Chase holds its payments business to higher standards than what is required by law. Going over and above is possible by a commitment to invest in our platforms and our people.. All your payments deserve the same high standards.
  3. Secure and Scalable – Dedication to you and your customers security, with ability to scale. We’ve prevented $500M+ in fraud since the beginning of the pandemic1.

1. Accurate as of January 1, 2021. Not a binding commitment. Internal data and reporting as of June 10, 2020