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Ways you can create a confident buying experience that keeps customers coming back. The easiest way to create a positive payments experience for your customers starts with taking a walk in your customers’ shoes. Consider the shopper’s perspective, beginning with how you get their attention. First impressions matter. That first impression should be consistent with the shopping, checkout and ongoing customer experience.

In-Person Payments

  • When you do your walk-through as a shopper, make note of the natural flow and visibility to your highest priority items to make sure they’re visible from the start. Create the environment consistent with the products and services offered.
  • Draw shoppers into the areas where you have the most success.
  • Prepare to have enough employees to greet customers, assist them and check them out. Plan for distractions, and create a checkout experience that’s as safe as it is enjoyable.
  • Speed of checkout matters. Encouraging contactless payments can help make the checkout faster, reduce instances of customers in line waiting to pay. We offer additional resources on the benefits of going contactless and training employees on contactless checkout.
  • Let your customers know the cards you accept. Display the stickers you receive at your register, on your windows and on the card reader.

Online Payments

  • Similar to designing an in-person payments experience, you should put yourself in your customers’ shoes online, including how they find your products and services, selection and check out.
  • Create your online store if you don’t already have one. Start by selecting a shopping cart platform. Consider things like loading speed, features, compatibility with Chase Merchant Services, fit for your business requirements, your web developer skills, SEO features, and more. Need ideas? Visit our Payment Solutions page for software options that are tailored to your specific business priorities.
  • Set up email marketing and automation. This is important to set up BEFORE you get traffic to your online store. The first customer is the most important customer who can be an advocate to earn you more customers. A few things that help create a good customer experience include coupons, thank you emails, and customer support, especially for online only stores.
  • Let your customers know you accept all kinds of contactless card payments. Display the cards you accept on your site and clearly visible near the checkout section. Note: Chase merchants are typically able to accept all card brands.