If you’re using a VX520 terminal and are seeing a ‘CAPK Expired’ error message, please click here.

A critical Verifone update is required by May 30, 2020 to avoid a potential disruption to service. This update is required for all VeriFone VX520 and VX680 terminals.

Here's what you will need to do:

Based on the communication you received, if your terminal(s) is scheduled to receive automatic updates, click here for VX520 or here for VX680 instructions, to download the correct version to your terminal.  If your terminal is up-to-date, a report will print that says, “Terminal is Up-To-Date”.  If your terminal is not up-to-date, the download will begin to apply the necessary updates. A report will then automatically print, indicating that the update is complete (“Terminal is Up-To-Date”). 

If your terminal(s) is not scheduled to receive automatic updates, click here for instructions to download the correct version to your terminal.

*Note – a settlement must be performed for SoftPay, in addition to any applicable Gift Card or Loyalty applications, before attempting this update.

Keep in mind, when your terminal is set for automatic updates you should:

  • Keep the terminal powered on to allow automatic updates
  • Complete all settlements and pre-authorizations
  • Allow the terminal to attempt to download anywhere from 3 to 5 times in a 25 minute span
  • Remember, the time for downloads may vary depending on your connection

We are here to help!

If you do not update your device(s) with the latest available update prior to the May 30, 2020 deadline, you could experience disruptions.

If you have further questions, need more information, or your terminal requires this update please call us anytime at 1-888-886-8869.