Help Using Verifone VX 680

Have a quick question about the Verifone® VX 680 terminal? Check out our short how-to instructions and reference guides, and get the answers you need right away.

Verifone VX 680

Reference Guides

How to Connect Your Verifone Terminal

  • Select a location for the terminal near a power outlet and an Internet router, modem or wall jack that is convenient for the operator and offers adequate ventilation and protection for the equipment.
    • If using the charging base for the Bluetooth terminal, follow the same instruction to connect the base and selecting a location.
  • Make sure that one end of the power cord is plugged into the adapter and then plug the other end into an indoor outlet.
  • If you are going to use an Internet connection, plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the terminal's Ethernet port, which may be labeled as "ETH" or "10Base-T." These cables are very common and are technically named "Cat5 cables." Plug the other end into your router, modem or Ethernet wall jack. Note: You can connect both Internet and phone cables to the terminal, so that your terminal can automatically switch over if you ever suffer from Internet connectivity problems.
  • Attach the small plug on the adapter cord to the power port on the rear of the terminal.

How to Install a New Paper Roll

vx680 opening terminal
  • Gently pull the latch located on the bottom of the terminal to unlock the paper cover
  • Lift the printer cover up and back
  • Loosen the glued leading edge of the paper or remove the protective strip from the new roll of paper. Unwind the paper roll past any glue residue.
vx680 changing paper
  • Hold the roll so the paper feeds from the bottom of the roll when the terminal is facing you
  • Drop the paper roll into the printer tray inverted
  • Pull paper up past the glue residue on the paper roll
  • Close the paper roll cover by gently pressing directly on the cover until it clicks
  • Tear the paper off against the serrated plastic strip in the printer

How to Process a Sale Transaction

  • Press Sale to initiate a sale transaction.
  • Key in the amount of the sale and press the green Enter key in the lower right-hand corner of keypad.
  • You or your customer can insert, swipe or tap their card or payment device.
  • Confirm dollar amount and press Enter
  • Follow prompts to complete the sale
  • Receipt will print after the transaction is approved

Payment Processing Methods:

  • Insert - if the customer has an EMV chip card, and your terminal is enabled to accept EMV transactions, then the customer should insert their card into the terminal's chip card slot, which is located on the front of the terminal, beneath the colored keys.
  • Swipe – the customer can swipe their card down the magnetic-stripe reader on the terminal's right side.
  • Tap (optional) – if the customer has a contactless payment instrument, such as a contactless card or a mobile wallet on a smart phone, then they should tap or wave it directly over the terminal's display screen.
  • Manual Entry – you can key the card number into the machine in the event that the card or terminal does not accept the other transmission methods, however, this could cause the transaction to downgrade and incur a higher interchange fee. Learn more about interchange here.

For other transaction types, please review the Verifone Quick Reference Guide.

How to Refund a Transaction

  • Select Refund from the main screen
  • Enter the dollar amount of the Refund
  • Confirm the Refund amount
    Select Yes to confirm
  • Press the green [Enter] key
  • A receipt will print to complete the transaction

How to Reprint Receipts

  • To reprint a receipt, press the Printer Icon on the bottom left of screen
  • Select Reprint to print the last transaction.
  • Select Any Receipt to reprint a previous transaction.
  • Follow the screen prompts to search for a previous transaction
  • Press the green [Enter] key to reprint the receipt.

How to Void a Transaction

Your Verifone terminal offers several reports that help you view details and summaries for the transactions in your open batch.

  • Select Void from the menu screen.
  • To Void the last transaction, select Yes
  • If Yes, screen displays the Void amount, and last 4 digits of the card
  • Press Yes to confirm
  • Receipt will print and Void is complete
  • If you need to void another transaction, search transaction by amount or last 4 digits of the card number
  • Follow prompts to locate the transaction
  • Select Yes when the transaction is displayed
  • Receipt will print and Void is complete

How to Add a Tip

If tip processing is enabled for your terminal, then you can perform tip adjustments on transactions in your open batch.

  • Begin by pressing the $ Icon to open the Tip Adjust menu.
  • There are several ways to identify the transaction to be adjusted.
  • By server/clerk number, amount of sale, last 4 digits of card number and invoice number (depends on terminal set-up)
    • Follow prompts to determine how you wish to locate the sale
    • When the transaction to create the tip adjustment is displayed
      • Screen will display Tip adjustment, new tip amount
      • Enter Tip Amount
      • Press green [Enter] key to confirm the tip adjustment

You can only add a tip to transactions in your current (open) batch.

If the Tip Adjust option is not available on your terminal screen, call the Help Desk at 1-888-886-8869 to discuss modifying your setup options to add tip processing. Follow the call menu promptings for Technical Assistance.

How to Settle Your Batch of Transactions

A settlement operation is used to close out the current batch of transactions and open a new batch. The closed batch is then submitted to Chase to begin the funding process. Your Verifone terminal uses a Terminal Capture System (TCS), meaning it stores transactions throughout the day and sends batch totals of sales and refunds to Chase after the close of business. There are two settlement options.

  • Manual Settlement – Select Settlement from main screen, follow prompts to manually settle your batch.
  • Auto Settlement – if your terminal is set to automatically settle, it will automatically settle transactions in the current batch at a specific, predetermined time, within a 24-hour period. For instance, if you configure your terminal to perform Auto Settlement at 10 p.m., after your business has closed for the day, then every day at or after 10 p.m., any unsettled transactions in your batch will automatically be submitted for processing. This will occur as long as your terminal is powered on and connected to an available phone or Internet communication service.

At the end of every successful batch settlement, a settlement report automatically prints from your terminal - you should review any settlement printouts to confirm the batch settled successfully. To change your settlement option, call the Help Desk at 1-888-886-8869. Follow the call menu promptings for Technical Assistance.

How to Run a Report

Your Verifone terminal offers several reports that help you view details and summaries for the transactions in your open batch.

  • Press the Report Icon (lower right corner) of the main screen
  • The Report Menu will display
  • Use the Arrow Icon to navigate through the Report Menu
  • Tap the touchscreen to select the Report you wish to print

Running the terminal reports will not settle your batch or in any way alter the transactions that have been processed. For more reporting power and instant access to your merchant statement, Resource Online featuring the Instant Dashboard offers an at-a-glance view of your daily sales and settlement figures from any computer.

How to Get Help

If you are having technical trouble and would like help from a member of our Help Desk, then call 1-888-886-8869. Follow the call menu promptings for Technical Assistance.

If you have a question about fees or need general support for your existing processing account, you can call Client Services at 1-888-886-8869.

Anytime you contact us, please have your merchant ID and other merchant information available for identity verification purposes.

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If you have accessibility issues with the attached documents and require further assistance, please contact the Help Desk @ 1-800-934-7717 for further support.